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The Chamber mission is to provide an International organization for those online business owners who are truly concerned with establishing the highest business practices on the Web!  Members are serious business owners around the world with a view of working to improve the online sales environment.

The organization and its members are in our 22nd year of impeccable reputation for business ethics, and …  We will continue to set the standards for business ethics in online business with our top rated and worldwide members!

We do not have “levels” of membership.  All Chamber members are serious, established and committed online business owners or “brick and mortar” companies with an online presence.

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The Purpose of Chamber of Commerce – on the Web™ is to advance the levels of online commerce by helping merchants in all countries maintain an orientation of ethical service to customers and the entire planet.

The Chamber is cognizant of the economic challenges in today’s world. The Web has been a boon to both newer online companies and off-line businesses now using the internet to expand their market.

Online, businesses often have situations not experienced down on Main Street. The Chamber stays aware of any problematic situations, works to spread facts and knowledge – and encourages action to enhance this unique business environment.

It is only fair that online businesses have all the same advantages as companies operating solely off-line. No online business owner should be subject to disadvantages due to the location of the store front.


The Vision of Chamber of Commerce – on the Web™ is to promote awareness of the conditions of the world, and provide what help we can, for the betterment of humanity and our shared home, planet Earth.

The Web has leveled the playing field for businesses, worldwide. It is to the betterment of online business owners in all countries to know, interact with and assist each other in a cooperative manner.

This, in turn, brings world attention to specific challenges around the world. Since a successful business always involves giving back, The Chamber encourages members to know and understand where help might be needed – and to provide, as possible, for those needs.

In working together, for the best interests of everyone, countries around the world can move into the model of a more closely knit family. Then, the collective intention may form to take better care of our brothers and sisters, as well as our shared space on Earth.