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January 4, 2011 – After 11 years as an online business organization, the International Council of Online Professionals (iCop™) has opened the new Chamber of Commerce – on the Web.™ Although the former organization specialized in assisting new online business owners, members of The Chamber will be larger, more experienced companies with an online presence or companies that operate online exclusively.

During the first quarter of 2011, the new web site will be open for existing organization members to make the move.  They will submit their company information and profiles to the new Business Directory and place the new member logo for Chamber of Commerce – on the Web™ on their web sites.  During this period, software will be tested and the site fine-tuned.  The official Grand Opening will be in April 2011.

It’s common knowledge that over 95% of online businesses fail.  Of the first business owners to join this business membership site in 1999 and 2000, 75% of those members are still in business over a decade later.

Creation of the new Chamber of Commerce – on the Web™ provides an international platform for online businesses to expand their interests into grassroots lobbying, in all countries, for laws and regulations that will benefit online commerce.  It will also encourage interest and participation in world humanitarian projects.

About Chamber of Commerce – on the Web™

The organization now known as Chamber of Commerce  – on the Web™ was founded on November 1, 1999. On January 4, 2011 it moved to a new home; the company had been redesigned, expanded and renamed.

The purpose of The Chamber is to advance the levels of online commerce by helping merchants in all countries maintain an orientation of ethical service to customers and the entire planet.

Chamber of Commerce – on the Web™ is a privately held company – with an Advisory Council whose members are the foundation of the organization.  This Advisory Council works in tandem with the company to represent ethical online business to the height of their combined talents.

The Chamber is directed by jl scott, ph.d.  jl’s experience in training others in the business field goes back to a former career as a corporate reorganization specialist in Orange, California and both Dallas and Austin, Texas.  For 15 years she worked closely with top management to effect company turn-arounds for businesses in financial distress.

She comments, “Our current members have grown into solid online companies and deserve a new, more all-inclusive and active, business organization with them serving as Charter Members of Chamber of Commerce – on the Web.™

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