Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Chamber of Commerce – on the Web?


Business owners who have an online presence via a web site may join The Chamber.  The company must sell specific products or services other than, or in addition to, information products.

Although The Chamber welcomes companies in all countries worldwide, the entire web site must be written in English for purposes of review by our Council.  English is considered the universal language and is spoken in nearly all countries. It wouldn’t be possible to review web sites for membership if published in all the many languages of our planet.


What are the rules for membership?

A Chamber of Commerce – on the Web™ membership encompasses one company and company name. Each company may have multiple web sites so long as the same company name appears on each.

The Chamber expects all member companies to self-regulate.  Those selling information only information products on “How to Make Money on the Web” and those selling “money-making” schemes are prohibited from membership.

Companies whose web sites promote pornography, nudity, sexually explicit material of any kind, hard-core profanity, violence, discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, illegal activities, or which violate intellectual property rights are prohibited from membership.

All Chamber members are expected to use the highest business ethics and to provide excellent customer service.


What laws are used to govern the businesses of iCop members?

All Chamber members must operate their businesses within the guidelines of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), since anyone doing business in the USA must adhere to these regulations.


How do I file a complaint about an online business?

Chamber of Commerce – on the Web?™ is not a government agency, therefore, has no authority to investigate how companies conduct business. You can file a complaint against a business with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection.


Can I file a complaint with Chamber of Commerce – on the Web™ about one of your members?

Yes. We accept reports and work with you and our member to reach a satisfactory resolution. Complaints may be filed on our Reports Page.

Each Chamber member’s verification page displays the number of unresolved complaints filed against the company – if any.


What is the cost of membership dues?

Dues are for annual memberships, payable either monthly or yearly.  All membership dues are set up on recurring subscription.  Monthly payments require an annual commitment.  Yearly payments reflect a 15%-18% discount.

Sole Proprietor Memberships – $19.95 month or $197 year

LLC Memberships – $27.00 month or $277 year

Corporate Memberships – Based on Annual Sales:

Annual Sales less than $100,000 – $27 month or $277 year
Annual Sales more than $100,000 – $50 month or $500 year

Members may use the member Logo on every site they own – as long as it bears the same company name and contact information! No extra cost – no matter how many web sites the company owns!


How does a business join The Chamber?

Simply click any “Membership Signup” menu tab, fill in your company information and choose your membership dues option.