Advisory Council

Rhoberta Shaler, Ph.D. – Peace Catalyst / Relationship Mediator

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler is the peace catalyst. She makes it easier for her clients–individuals, couples and business teams–to talk about difficult things. As a professional mediator, Dr. Shaler is a catalyst for resolving relationship issues healthily, and recovering from relationship issues wisely, relationship within, at home and at work. She leads clients to align their daily lives and their work with their vision, values, beliefs and purpose, individually and collectively.

Dr. Shaler is an expert in communication, conflict management, negotiation and collaboration.  Well-known for her gentle, effective blend of humor and practical wisdom, She shares her insights as a mediator, consultant, counselor, coach and keynote speaker.

She is the founder of Sow Peace™ International , Optimize Institute and Spiritual Living Network. She helps her clients–individuals, couples and business groups–to sow peace within, at home and at work.

An expert facilitator, Dr. Shaler helps executives, entrepreneurs & their teams develop effective communication and collaboration to have powerful conversations that reduce conflict, build trust, and streamline negotiation. She speaks to, trains and mentors executives, entrepreneurs and their organizations worldwide who are committed to investing in their greatest asset… their people.

An acclaimed and popular keynote speaker, her light-hearted approach and value-packed content help audiences quickly grasp valuable solutions, strategies and support. After more than twenty-five years in the business, Dr. Shaler continues to develop new programs to meet the specific needs of her clients and to meet the challenges she sees in the marketplace.

Author of over two dozen books and audio programs, including her most recent books, Wrestling Rhinos: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work, Soul Solitude: Taking Time for Our Souls to Catch Up and Prevent Free Fall: Pack Your Own Parachute. She was named “Outstanding Business Woman of the Year” for Southern California by the American Business Women’s Association in 2004.

Dennis Gaskill – Web Design Author

Dennis started his web site in 1997 as a hobby. In 1998 he turned it into a part time business to generate a second income, but by 1999 he left his web design job to work for himself full time.

Dennis has authored three print books on web design, with a self-development book in the works. He’s developed top-rated software and authored several ebooks. He also publishes “Almost a Newsletter,” which was named the “Best Ezine of 2000” by ibizNewsletters (a newsletter review service) and listed as one of the top 3 ezines on the internet in Writers Digest Magazine.

Dennis has been spotlighted in many books, magazines and newsletters, as well as on radio and television. He is often a requested guest speaker/interviewee for radio, television, seminars, and business roundtable discussion groups.

Dennis’ web site, at, currently features webmaster software, his print books and ebooks, web design tutorials, web graphics and a taste of his award-winning writing.

Bob Massa – SEO Specialist

Bob is one of the internet’s most recognized, leading experts on top search engine placement. Bob has owned and operated top search engine placement service for over 10 years making it one of the oldest services of its type in the world.

Bob has done as much as anyone to educate and help people with an interest in web site placement with the ultimate goal of improving the level of professionalism within the entire industry. Bob remains to this day one of the most tireless crusaders for the advancement of search engine placement, internet marketing and e-commerce in general.

Bob also owns Searchking, Inc, a unique concept in search engine services which has been online since 1997 and is continuing to grow through a strategy of providing hosted search service software to the public. In its first year, Searchking became the largest “portal” host in the world with over 1,000 online portals on its servers.

Fred Bunzl – Web Commerce

Born in London, England more years ago than he cares to remember, Fred Bunzl’s educational background is in Commerce and Languages; he speaks fairly fluent German and French as well as his native English.

Fred founded the family’s paper trading company in England and managed it with his parents and brothers for more than 30 years. Following a painful departure from that company, involving litigation (Fred acted as his own lawyer/barrister in the Swiss and English High Courts), and mediation, Fred now runs his own company, Sherif Trading SA in Geneva, Switzerland with his son, Alain.

Fred became fascinated with the internet in about 1999 and built, a domain name registration and web hosting as well as several other themed mini-sites. “It’s great to work in this fast-moving new frontier environment, to learn from the experts and be given an opportunity to play a part in helping to mould self-regulation and credibility online.”

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